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Specialist Wasp Nest Removal In Littlehampton
 If you have found a wasp nest and need it dealt with by a professional then Littlehampton Wasp nest removal are here to help 7 days a week.
We are fully equip to deal with any wasp problem quickly and safely. We provide a rapid response to quickly eliminate the problem with the minimum of fuss.

  • Same Day Service available*
  • Fixed Price £75.00
  • Domestic & Commercial Properties
  • Instant Results

wasp nest removal in Littlehampton


The Wasp Nest Removal Experts
Wasp nest removal Littlehampton treat hundreds of wasp and hornet nests every season leaving our customers worry free. If you find a wasp nest on your property then we advise you avoid it where possible to avoid agitating the wasps before any treatment is applied. 

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How Long Does The Treatment Take?
The time each treatment takes will depend on the nest location. If the nest is tucked away in the loft then this will normally take about 25-30 minutes due to the hard access. If the wasps are nesting under a roof tile then this makes the process a lot quicker and should be completed with 15 minutes.
What If We Have More Than One Nest!
 Wasps and hornets tend to prefer a certain type of habitat so don’t be surprised if you have more than one nest.
Wasps normally only have a single entry point so if you can clearly see them flying in two different areas then this means you have another separate nest that will need treating, and we offer discounts on additional nests we need to treat. 

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Spotted a lot of wasp activity below the bay window. We had the nest treated when requested and the problem was solved for the quoted price of £75. Thanks

Ben - Knowles
DCM removed a nest for us last year so we didn't hesitate to use their services again.

Mrs Holmes - Littlehampton